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Volunteer Profiles

Keesja Gofers

My Age: 22
My Job: Assistant in Corporate & Alumni Relations at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness
My Hobbies: I love adventure activities ... rafting, jet boating and I've just started rock-climbing! But my favourite thing to do is to travel!!
Sports: I love playing Water Polo and really anything to do with the water! Despite being a bit a water baby, it doesn't stop me from picking up a tennis racquet or a netball any time I get the chance.
What I love
about Sydney:
What's not to love? Sydney has beautiful beaches, amazing architecture and super night-life. Not to mention the people! You'll find whatever you're looking for in Sydney, just ask! It is SO exciting that the World Firefighters Games are coming to Sydney – what a great event for our City!!! I’m really looking forward to volunteering in as many areas as I can, and getting amongst the action of the event!


Teela Cumberworth

My Nickname: Tequila
My Work: I currently work four jobs and love it! I am a swimming Instructor and supervisor for swim safe Swim school and the Department of Education and Child Development. I am a children’s entertainer where I sing and dance and get to make a fool of myself (best job ever). I am also a social work practitioner/counsellor for victims of crime. And a full time SES volunteer. Oh did I mention I am doing my Masters degree in social work too? I believe you have one life so why not do as much as possible!
My Hobbies: I love getting outside, going for walks on the beach, sunsets... I also love making people laugh, I enjoy the water watching it swimming in it, TRAVELLING everywhere and anywhere, meeting people, going out, pretending I can dance, singing at the top of my lungs in the car with the window down, meeting new people, and experiencing all this wonderful wide world has to offer!
What I love about the fire services/games: I absolutely adore being in the South Australian State Emergency Services and working alongside other agencies as well as learning how to help rescue people. Its great having the skills to help people help themselves in an emergency situation such as fire, flood, rescue or storm. My favourite thing about the games is volunteering and meeting people. My favourite memory was being on the top of the World Trade Centre; tower 7, in 2011 at the World Police Fire Games in New York and helping with the stair climb. It was almost 10years to the day of September 11 and words cannot describe how wonderful it was to be able to help triage, apply first aid, water and electrolytes to our worlds firefighters as they came up those stairs. Full well knowing ten years ago many fireies including my friend went up very similar stairs in a building with the same name and never came out again. Still gives me Goosebumps to think what an honour and privilege it was to serve them in such a unique and special way. I cannot more highly recommend volunteering or participating in the Games especially in a world class city like Sydney. It’s like seeing your family every two years and the memories and stories you make will last a lifetime!
What I'm looking forward to in Sydney: Good question! There is so much to see and do in Sydney so I am looking forward to just having a break from all my jobs and getting out there and sightseeing. But more importantly and excitingly I cannot wait to catch up with all my emergency services brothers and sisters from around the world! Its great getting together with all the’ family’ and the games provide the best excuse and back drop to do that! And it’s great to cheer em on in the games and celebrate after!
My favourite food and beverage: I am a real foodie and will try anything once; twice if I like it! When it comes to a great drink I can’t go past vodka cranberry and lime its like summer in a cup. And boys don’t go around thinking it’s a chicks drink I got many of our world famous cyclists in the tour down under here in to try it and the boys love it! Not to sweet and very quenching. Oh and about the nickname its not cause I am tequila junkie although I love a good Tequila with orange and Sugar cinnamon! You gotta try it!! But like food I will drink anything, I am not too fussy. So why not come say hello at the games and introduce me to your favourite drink! Look forward to seeing you all in Sydney!! xo
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