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Apart from competitors who else has to register 

Non-Playing Coaches

Some events allow for Non-Playing Coaches that may accompany their teams to all venues available to the teams including the ‘March of Athletes’ at the Opening Ceremony. Coaches will be eligible to receive a medal should the Team win a medal. Details of events which allow Non-Playing Coaches can be found in the (General Rules). A Non-Playing Coach must pay the Sport Entry Fees and submit a Sport Entry Form, and a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form. 



Technical Support Personnel

Additional personnel, such as team equipment managers, doctors, therapists, etc, may apply for accreditation to represent their country through the Host by completing the Technical Support Personnel Application Form. Technical Support Personnel will receive an Accreditation Pass which gives access to the field of play. For further information see (General Rules). Applicants must complete a Technical Support Officer Application Form and a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form and pay a fee of $50.00.



Accompanying Persons

If you are a competitor, you can register someone who is accompanying you to the Games e.g. family member(s), partner or friend, or if you wish to register yourself as an Accompanying Person, the person you are accompanying must have already registered. Accompanying Persons receive a Games Accreditation Pass (credentials), reserved space at the Opening Ceremony and entry to the Closing Ceremony. Accompanying persons will also be entitled to apply for a Games Transport Pass which will allow them to accompany competitors on the official Games transport to venues remote from the Games Village. There is an administrative cost of $50.00 to register an Accompanying Person. Accompanying Persons must complete the Accompanying Persons Application Form and must also sign the Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form. A Parent or Guardian can sign and accept the General Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations of WFG2012 on behalf of a dependant child (less than 18 years). Liability Forms must be submitted with this Application. Additional Forms may be photocopied if required. For further information see (General Rules).



Further Information

You may register as a Non-Playing Coach, Technical Support Personnel or an Accompanying person using the same options open to competitors. To register online go to (Register Online), to register via the Call Centre go to (Register by Phone) and to complete a postal application go to (Register by Post).


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