General Rules

General Rules

Contact Information - Host

World Firefighters Games 2012, WFG Events, 6/175 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4230, Australia. Telephone +61 7 5553 5301. Fax +61 7 5553 5399. Email Web

Governing Body & Rules

All competitors will abide by the rules and regulations established by World Firefighters Games 2012 related to the events in which they have entered. Competitors will observe all written and verbal instructions given by personnel authorised by WFG2012  including, but not limited to, WFG2012 staff, officials, volunteers, sports staff, umpires, referees and medical personnel. Any failure to comply with the designated rules may result in disqualification from WFG2012.

The list of sporting events indicates the rules under which a sport will be staged, i.e. International Rules or WFG 2012 Rules. International Rules are available from the International Sporting Bodies. These can be found on the Games website. Competitors will at all times observe fair play and sportsmanship.

Priority of Rules

WFG2012 Rules shall supersede all other rules. If any conflict occurs with respect to the interpretation or precedence of rules then WFG2012 Rules will apply. Decisions made by WFG2012 are final.

Procedures for Competitor Entry into WFG2012 - Please note early entry is highly recommended

Many sports are expected to reach capacity in advance of the official Entry Deadline of 07 September 2012, 1700 hrs GMT. Entries are accepted on a ‘first come first served basis. Sending an entry in before 07 September does not guarantee it will be accepted if the event is full. All requests for refunds of Sport Entry Fees will be honoured until 07 September 2012.  

There are three ways for competitors to enter the Games, either on-line ( or through the WFG2012 Call Centre +61 7 5553 5301.


WFG2012 are open to all:

a) Full-time, part-time (auxiliary) and volunteer firefighters, aviation, military, paramedics, SES plus administrative and trade staff from, and direct family members of, these agencies.

b) Emergency service and non uniformed staff employed by a fire service.

c) Firefighters and non-uniformed and emergency services staff formerly employed by a fire service who have retired.

d) Spouses, partners and children over the age of 18-yrs are eligible to participate in all events except the Toughest Firefighter Alive, Fire Truck Challenge, and Disaster Challenge.

e) All entrants must be 18 yrs or over on 19 October 2012.

f) Open Events are open to competitors of ALL ages.

Ineligible Teams

Any teams with ineligible entrants will be disqualified.

Unqualified Persons

If a person knowingly attempts to enter or enters the Games when they do not qualify for entry, that person shall be disqualified from the Games. If another competitor, team member or team captain/coach enters a person who they know does not qualify for entry, the other player or coach that submitted the entry shall be disqualified from the Games.

Qualified Persons

If a person otherwise qualified to enter the Games knowingly joins a team for which he/she is ineligible, that person shall be disqualified from the Games. If another competitor, team member, team captain/coach allows an otherwise qualified person to join a team knowing that the person is not eligible, that team’s representative and the team shall be disqualified from the Games.

Procedures for Competitor Entry

Sport Entry Fees

There is a basic fee of AUD 220 per competitor. All competitors shall pay this fee only one time, and this covers entry into 3 sports.

For any additional sports, over the 3 entered in, there will be an additional cost of AUD20 per sport. Please note, if you enter 5 disciplines within (for example) athletics, this still only count as one sport.

Some events also have an associated cost because they cover such things as the green fees in Golf, or the officials’ expenses in the lifting competitions. There are 3 sports which have no fee associated (and does not count as a 'sport' when you're registering and these are: Amazing Race, Dragon Boats and Bucket Brigade. Add the event fees (if applicable) and basic fee together to determine the total sport entry fees to be paid.

Payment Methods

ALL SPORT ENTRY FEES ARE PAYABLE TO WFG Events in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ONLY. Competitors may use a Visa or MasterCard to pay the Sport Entry Fees. Cheques and money orders are also acceptable (made out to WFG EVENTS), whilst competitors holding Australian bank accounts may also pay by debit cards / EFT.

Discount on Sport Entry Fees

Payment by Credit Card

You can enter the games via the following methods.

a. Web Entry

Eligible applicants, using a Visa or Master Card may use the WFG2012 On-Line Entry system (OLE). Payments can be made online for the Sports Entry fees. On-Line Entry will be available through the Games website at The OLE system will be operational from 15 June 2011. Please note that the OLE system can accommodate individual entries only - i.e., one person, one payment.

b. WFG2012 Call Centre

Eligible applicants may use the WFG2012 Call Centre option as a means of entry into the Games. The WFG2012 Call Centre will run from 01 July 2011 up until 18 October 2012. The phone number for the centre is +61 7 5553 5301. The Call Centre will open from:

Monday – Friday         9.00am - 5.00pm

Applicants will be able to use the Call Centre to complete the Sport Entry Form, the Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations and make payments by credit and debit card for Sports Entry Fees.

Confirmation of Receipt of Sports Entry Form

Your cleared cheque/account debit, or the appearance of a debit on your credit card statement, is considered to be your confirmation of receipt of your Sport Entry Form. This confirmation relates ONLY to the receipt of your entry.

Confirmation of entry into chosen sport

Your entry into the sport(s) of your choice will be confirmed within 30 days of receipt of your Sport Entry Fees. Entry will be determined on a first come – first served basis and invitations for entry will be closed when the maximum permitted number of entrants for an event have been reached. Details of the available places for each event will be regularly updated on the website and will also be available from the Call Centre. Entrants who have submitted their application via the website or the Call Centre will be advised by email that their application to enter an event has been successful. Paper entrants will be advised in writing.

Participation Limits

Due to venue or other limitations, the WFG2012 reserve the right to limit the maximum number of entries in any sport/event. Entries which cannot be accommodated will be returned and all relevant fees refunded.

Refund of Sport Entry Fees

All requests for refunds of Sport Entry Fees will be honoured until 07 September 2012. In the case of an event being cancelled prior to the commencement of the Games on 19 October 2012 or an event being oversubscribed, Sports Entry Fees will be refunded.

Event Codes

Each event has an associated Event Code that is unique to the specific event. An Event Code will be found in association with each event in the Games. All letters and numbers of the Event Code must be listed on the Sport Entry Form in the space provided.

Pre-Games detail Information Letters

The Host plans to send out official Information Letters 30 days before the Games. This letter will confirm the event(s) entered and advise of specific information on rules, venues, orientation and mandatory meetings (if any), as well as provide other general information on the Games. Competitors will be advised in their Information Letters of where and when to contact the Host for specific times and dates of their first competition. Competitors who provide a valid and legible email address will receive their letter electronically, via email.

Exception: Team Captains ONLY will receive Information Letters in the following events

  • Amazing Race
  • Badminton
  • Basketball (3x3)
  • Basketball (5x5)
  • Beach Cricket
  • Billiards
  • Bowling (10 Pin)
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Canoeing
  • Darts
  • Dodgeball
  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Fire House Cook Off
  • Horse Shoe
  • Indoor Rowing
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Paintballing
  • Rugby Union 7’s
  • Shooting - Trap
  • Shooting - Air Gun
  • Shooting - Skeet
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Stair Run
  • Surf Lifesaving
  • Swimming (Pool)
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Track and Field
  • Triathlon
  • Tug of War
  • Volleyball (Indoor)
  • Volleyball (Beach)


Host Registration Procedure

All competitors must present themselves IN PERSON to the Registration/Accreditation Centre located in the Games Village at Darling Harbour, Sydney, before the beginning of their competition. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Entrants must provide photo ID, such as Agency ID Cards, a passport or driver’s licence, before the registration process can be completed. Competitors are asked to bring a copy of their Information Letter to the Games Registration and Accreditation Centre.

Registration/ Accreditation

The dates and hours for accreditation are as follows:

15 October           0800 -1800

16 October          0800 -1800

17 October          0800 -1800

18 October          0800 -1800

After all requirements have been satisfied, competitors will be officially registered into the Games and will receive their Accreditation Pass (credentials). This pass should be carried at all times and must be presented during check-in at the sports venue prior to each day’s competition.

Accompanying Persons

If you are a competitor, you can register someone who is accompanying you to the Games e.g. family member(s), partner or friend, or if you wish to register yourself as an Accompanying Person, the person you are accompanying must have already registered. Accompanying Persons receive a Games Accreditation Pass (credentials), reserved seating at the Opening Ceremony and entry to the Closing Ceremony. Accompanying persons will also be entitled to apply for a Games Transport Pass which will allow them to accompany competitors on the official Games transport to venues remote from the Games Village.

There is an administrative cost of $50.00 to register an Accompanying Person. Accompanying Persons must complete the Application Form in this brochure. More than one person can be listed as an Accompanying Person on this Application Form. Alternatively, an Accompanying Person may apply through the Online Entry System available through the Games website on or the WFG2012 Games Call Centre on +61 7 5553 5301. Each adult (over 18 years) listed must also sign and accept the General Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations of WFG2012.

A Parent or Guardian can sign and accept the General Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations of WFG2012 on behalf of a dependant child (less than 18 years). Liability Forms must be submitted with this Application. Additional Forms may be photocopied if required.

Parade of Athletes

Only Registered and Accredited Athletes and Non-Playing Coaches may march in the ‘Parade of Athletes’ during the Opening Ceremony.

Sports Information Area

A Sports Information Area will be provided at the Games Centre located in the Darling Harbour precinct. Games Officials will be present to provide competitors with information about scheduling and any possible changes.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to be aware of any changes posted in this area.


Daily results from each sport will be posted at the relevant venue, at the Results Centre located within the Games Village, and on the website at

Age Divisions

Many Individual (Singles) events offer a range of age increments. Please see the Sports Information section of the Games brochure or for further details. WFG2012 reserves the right to combine age increments based upon then number of entrants.

Age Rules

Age is determined as of the day prior to the opening of the Games (19 October 2012). A competitor may elect to compete in a younger division as long as this is indicated on the original Sport Entry Form. For example, a Master may compete in the Master, Senior or Open division. (Exception: Golf and the Individual events in Track and Field, where entrants must compete only within their actual age category.) In Team events (including Doubles), eligibility to compete in an age division is determined by the age of the youngest team member. Open Events are open to competitors of ALL ages.

Duplicate Event Entries

A competitor may enter only one age or weight division in any one event. (Example: A Senior may compete in either, but not both, Senior or Open Singles in Badminton.)

A competitor may enter only one Doubles event with only one partner in any sport, except both Doubles and Mixed Doubles in Tennis may be entered.

A competitor may be on only one team in any sport. Example: Mike enters Men’s Division I Soccer. He may NOT compete on any other team in Soccer.

Team Events


Any event in which three or more persons compete against a mutual opponent is considered a Team event. A ‘Unisex’ Team may consist of all men, all women or any combination. A mixed team has one or more members of both genders.

Team Members

Each player on the team shall complete a Sport Entry Form and indicate the full First and Last Name of the Team Captain in the appropriate space on the form. Please note that you will not be able to enter a Team until the Team Captain has submitted his Sport Entry Form and received notification that the Team has been entered into the Games

Team Captains

Each Team event requires a named competitor as Team Captain. A preliminary Team Roster (the form is included in the Games brochure and is also available from the website) must be submitted with the Sport Entry Form of the Team Captain. Changes to team make-up are allowed until the Team Captain’s Meeting or competition begins in that particular sport. A final Team Roster shall be presented to the event official prior to the beginning of competition. This usually occurs at the Team Captain/Coaches Meeting.

Important Requirement for Teams

Team Captains shall designate a Team Name on the Team Roster submitted with their Sport Entry Form. Scheduling for competition will refer to the Team Name This mandatory requirement is especially important for teams from combined agencies. Further, because Team Captains must establish their teams before any team member can be ‘associated’ with that team, CAPTAINS ARE ENCOURAGED AND ARE EXPECTED TO ENTER INTO THE GAMES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Team Captain’s Duties

Attend the Captains/Coaches Meeting prior to competition and distribute pertinent information to the Team; assume responsibility for determining the Team’s schedule and for the Team’s punctual attendance at designated times and venues of competition; be available to Event Managers and officials before, during and after play to make decisions on behalf of the Team and to receive information and officials’ rulings that affect play or the Team’s progress throughout the tournament; and be responsible for recording and filing protests in a timely manner and available to represent the Team in case of appeals, protests or other inquiries by the Host.

Non-Playing Coaches

The following are the sports that allow one Non-Playing coach per team

  • Basketball (3x3)
  • Basketball (5x5)
  • Beach Cricket
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Dodgeball
  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Paintballing
  • Rugby Union 7’s
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Stair Run
  • Touch Football
  • Tug of War
  • Volleyball (Indoor)
  • Volleyball (Beach)


Other events may permit Non-Playing coaches at the discretion of WFG2012.

Coaches may accompany their teams to all venues available to the teams including the ‘March of Athletes’ at the Opening Ceremony. Coaches will be eligible to receive a medal should the Team win a medal.

A Non-Playing Coach may be either gender regardless of the make-up of the Team. Coaches must pay the Sport Entry Fees and submit a Sport Entry Form, and a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form.

All coaches actions on behalf of a competitor or team will have a binding effect on that competitor or team and may affect that competitor’s or team’s play, status or eligibility in the WPG2012.

Other Technical Support Personnel:

Additional personnel, such as team equipment managers, doctors, therapists, etc, may apply for accreditation to represent their country through the Host by completing the Technical Support Personnel Application Form (included in this brochure).

Technical Support Personnel will receive an Accreditation Pass which gives access to the field of play only when a competitor from the country represented is competing in the following sports only

  • Basketball (3x3)
  • Basketball (5x5)
  • Beach Cricket
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Dodgeball
  • Dragon Boat Racing
  • Paintballing
  • Rugby Union 7’s
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Stair Run
  • Touch Football
  • Tug of War
  • Volleyball (Indoor)
  • Volleyball (Beach)


Applicants must complete a Technical Support Officer Application Form and a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form and pay a fee of $50.00.  

The Technical Support Officer Application form and supporting forms can be found on the Games website or in the Games brochure. Alternatively the Games Call Centre can be contacted on +61 7 5553 5301.

Extra Entrants

In all Team events (i.e. Track and Field or Soccer), more entrants than the maximum allowed in a team may submit Sport Entry Forms and Fees. At the Captain/Coaches’ Meeting, or prior to the first day of competition, the Roster shall be reduced to no more than the maximum number allowed; and shall be submitted to the Event Manager or other WFG2012 nominated official. Under these circumstances, NO requests for refunds of Sport Entry Fees will be honoured to those who entered, but do not appear on the final Team Roster.

Mandatory Meetings and Orientation

In many Team events, a mandatory meeting is held for Team Captain/Coaches prior to competition. All other sports will hold an orientation to advise competitors about rules, guidelines and any changes. Some orientation meetings are mandatory. Sports with mandatory meetings are noted in this book under the Sports Information & Event Codes section. Competitors will be advised in their Information Letter of the nature of the orientation meeting for their event(s)

Sport Venue Check-In

Every competitor must check-in at the sport venue before competing. Competitors must check in for each event in which they are competing. During check-in, the competitor must show the Host-issued Accreditation Pass (credentials). Failure to provide these credentials will prohibit participation until this requirement is satisfied. Competition will not be rescheduled or delayed if the competitor does not have an Accreditation Pass. In all Team sports that allow a Non- Playing Coach, a Credentials Official will be present at each venue and is responsible for verifying that players are properly identified and credentialed (Accreditation Pass). At check-in or before each game, it is the responsibility of each team’s coach/captain to ensure that the Credentials Official is presented with the credentials of all team members on the roster that are present and playing in that game. The credentials will be returned immediately after each game unless there is cause to investigate the participation of an ineligible player.

Any team not fully complying will be considered to be playing with an ineligible player and therefore forfeits the game.

Late Entries

Some individual sports or categories may be kept open after the close of entries on 07 September 2012. There will be and additional Late Registration Entry Fee of $50.00 charged in addition to the Basic Fee (and any applicable Event Fees) after 07 September 2012. Adding events during the Registration process will incur a Late Event Service Fee of $50.00.

On-site entries (at sport venues) are prohibited

Proper entry procedures must be followed in all cases. Competitors that have not properly registered may not form teams, for example a Track Relay Team, at the sport venue.

Competitors’ Request for Changes

Competitors shall NOT add or change event classes or age divisions which were not officially offered. Once competition in an event begins, no substitutions, changes or additions can be made. Once the Games begin, no age category changes will be allowed.  

Adding Late Team Members:

Generally, teams may add team members to their Roster, to the maximum specified, until the Captain/Coaches’ Meeting for their sport. If needed, Team Captains will submit a revised Team Roster at that meeting, noting any changes/additions.

No Entry Changes Once Competition Begins

In all sports/events, once competition begins in an event, the Host shall NOT accept a new entry, substitution, or event addition/change in that event. A person may not enter after competition begins merely because he/she is listed on a Team Roster. In Team events, a person who is duly-entered in that event (submitted entry and fees) and is listed on the Team Roster, but is not able to actually register and become accredited until after the competition begins in that event, will be allowed to play on that team.


Requests for substitutions in Team and Individual events are honoured when made in a timely fashion by the person or entity that paid the original entrant’s Sport Entry Fees. In Team sports, the Team Captain may request a substitution. For Individual sports, the requests for substitutions shall be made either in person or in writing. A completed Sport Entry Form and signed Release of Liability for the substitute and any required additional fees must be submitted.

The substitute shall meet the same requirements as the original entrant. All substitutions must be completed prior to the start of any competition in that event. The Team Captain shall submit a revised Team Roster, noting all changes to team makeup, at the Captains/Coaches’ Meeting for that sport.

It is the responsibility of the substitute and/or Team Captain to request the substitution far enough in advance of the actual competition to allow the Host time to meet its responsibilities. After the 07 September 2012, a $50.00 Substitution Fee will be levied.

Sport divisions

WFG2012 reserves the right to divide larger team events into divisions. These divisions will normally be formed during preliminary competition. 

A competitor who wishes to enter a sport in the Singles/Individual competition, but who does not have a partner/team for the Doubles or Team event, may make use of the ‘team matching’ facility which is available on the Games website at Simply go to the registration section and click on the team matching menu for further details. Simply follow the instructions and it will be possible to form teams. Competitors will register in the normal way. Once formed by ‘team matching’ Doubles and Teams will not be allowed to alter their make-up to exclude a player. 

If only one person/team enters any event, that person/team will be combined in the next most reasonable category of the sport.


In Individual events where an opponent is not needed for actual competition, if only one person enters and cannot be combined or that person elects not to be combined, the event will be scheduled. In all events requiring weigh-ins, where only one person enters, the event will be scheduled. Power Lifting requires only one entrant to hold the event.

If only one competitor shows for an event, he/she may participate in that event for a guaranteed first place medal or the competitor may elect to give up the guaranteed medal and move to a younger age (or heavier weight) division to compete with the Event Managers’ approval.

Team and Doubles Events

If the minimum number of players to field a team have not submitted Sport Entry Forms and paid the fees, the Event Manager may complete the team by assigning pool players. Potential team members who attempt to enter after the Entry Deadline may be unable to join the team.

Individual Men’s, Women’s and Unisex Events

Men and women shall compete against each other except in sports where seperate Men’s and Women’s events are offered. However, women may NOT compete against men in contact sports. Contact sports are Boxing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo and Wrestling.

Bracketing Weight Sports

In all weight-class sports, competitors will weigh-in before the event. Entrants must enter their estimated weight class on the Sport Entry Form and attempt to make weight. However, competitors will be bracketed according to their actual weight at weigh-in. (Bracketing Exceptions apply; see above)

Medical Release

All Boxing entrants must submit a Medical Release prior to or during Host Registration/Accreditation. It must be signed by a licensed physician and shall be based upon a physical examination performed within six months of competition. This usually takes the form of a doctor’s note, stating fitness to compete in a contact sport. Entrants must submit this form prior to the 07 September 2012.


The following markings are permitted on attire worn during competition:

1. Agency, association, team identification

2. Brand name manufactured onto uniform

3. Competitor’s name

4. Tasteful advertising in a rectangular area not to exceed 10cm x 22cm (4"x 9").

The advertising may be either silk-screened or embroidered and shall be colour complementary to the uniform. Other attire worn by competitors (warm-ups, jackets, hats, etc.) may display additional advertising and logos. Any uniform or other attire worn or displayed by any participant or spectator must be in good taste and in keeping with the good name of the Host and firefighting services. Violations may result in expulsion from the WFG2012 venues.


Medals will be awarded for 1st through to 3rd place in all events, and shall be presented as soon as possible after the conclusion of each event, usually at the nightly medal presentations at the Darling Harbour precinct.

Competitor Conduct Requirements in relation to Intimidation

Competitors shall not intimidate or attempt to influence an Event Manager or other Games Official regarding rule changes. Taking a vote of competitors or otherwise obtaining a consensus of competitors’ wishes to make rule changes is not allowed.

Late Competitors and Scheduling:

Competition will adhere to scheduling as published, or referred to, in the Information Letter. SPORTS, EVENTS, GAMES and/or MATCHES WILL NOT BE DELAYED TO ACCOMMODATE LATE COMPETITORS. Some sports have grace periods in the rules. The Host shall adhere to those rules.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be condoned during, before or after competition. Any behaviour that brings discredit upon the WFG2012 or firefighting services in general will not be tolerated.

Any physical or verbal assaults on officials, competitors, spectators, coordinators or ex-officios will meet with immediate and the severest of penalty. Unsportsmanlike conduct of non-competitors, firefighters or other supporters may reflect on their competitor associates and the continued participation of that individual or team in the Games.

Alcohol and Drugs

Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during competition and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the field or area of competition. Controlled substances are prohibited from being used unlawfully by any person associated with WFG2012. No participant may compete in any WFG2012 sport/event ‘under the influence’ of alcohol or a controlled substance. If such a condition is suspected, the participant shall be removed from competition and an immediate inquiry shall be conducted by the Host.

Unlawful Activity

All persons who are associated with WFG2012 shall abide by Australian national law. Unlawful activity during the Games will result in disqualification from competition and/or in the reporting of the activity to the appropriate authorities. This and any other unlawful activity may result in exclusion from all future World Firefighters Games events.


No gambling of any kind will be permitted during the WFG2012.

Cheating and Sandbagging

Cheating and Sandbagging is prohibited. ‘Sandbagging’ is the term used to define the intentional efforts of a competitor in a sport divided into skill levels to gain an advantage by competing in a lower skill level than in which he/she belongs. Example: Intentionally submitting or omitting scores that determine a Handicap in Golf that unjustly raises the Handicap.

Protests and Appeals

All protests must be lodged with the Event Manager or his/her designee immediately after the violation. If the protest cannot be resolved by the Event Manager, the competition will be allowed to proceed under protest. The protest must then be submitted in writing to the Events Director within eight hours of the initial protest. If the presentation of awards is affected by the possible results of the protest, the awards shall be withheld pending the WFG2012 decision. All decisions by the WFG2012 Events Director are final.

Admission Charges

There will be no charge to any spectator for any WFG2012 sporting event.

Opening Ceremony

The WFG2012 Opening Ceremony will be held on 19 October 2012. This will be a free event for all credentialed competitors, accompanying persons, volunteers and staff. For further details see the website at

Entry for all children and non-registered family members will be free but will require a voucher to gain entry to the Opening Ceremony. A limited allocation of Opening Ceremony vouchers will be included with your Information Letter. A limited number of additional vouchers will be available to registered and accredited persons from the Games Information Area upon request.

Changes to the General Rules

Any changes to the General Rules will be published on the WFG2012 website. It is the responsibility of competitors, Team Captains and Technical Support Officers to check the website on a regular basis.


© 2011 WFG 2012.