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Q. Why can I not register by mail?

A. Sending applications through international and national postal services can be a longer process and will not provide you with immediate confirmation. However, if you would like to register with one of our staff members over the phone, please call on Toll Free (in Australia) on 1300 365 503 or +61 7 5575 7444 (international) between 9am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Q. When will registration for the Games open at the Games Village? What happens if I can only arrive after the Opening Ceremony?

A. Full registration will be open from 9am on Wednesday 17 October. A small registration desk will be operating in the Games Village for the duration of the event, so if you cannot arrive until a day or two after the Games commencement, it's no problem to register in person then. You MUST however register as a participant (online) before arriving at the Games.

Q. Can I just come as a supporter, the rules imply that I can't do that?

A. We are happy for anyone to come to the Games as a supporter.

Q. Can I march in the parade if I'm a supporter?

A. YES, supporters and family can join in on the march.

Q. Are children allowed to attend the Games Village?

A. For children who are attending with you, under 16 years of age, there is no accompanying person fee. They ARE allowed to come to the Games Village, however they enter at the parents discretion, and whilst in the Games Village / marquee, they are always to be under their parents supervision and are 100% their parents responsibility. Parents must be aware that alcohol will be being served and consumed, and under no circumstances will under 18 year olds be able to drink. Security will be on hand to help enforce this.

Q. I registered for the event during one of the promotions which offered a discount on the registration fee. I want to pay cash for the fee when I arrive at the event. Do I still get the same/reduced fee?

A. NO - promotional special fees are only applicable if you pay online via credit card. If you choose to pay cash on arrival at the event, you will be charged the full registration fee of $220. As at April 24 2012 we are no longer accepting registrations that opt to pay cash on arrival. Please ensure all fees are paid upon registration.

Q. How many sports can I enter?

A. When registering for the 2012 World Firefighters Games, participants are entitled to 3 sporting categories. In addition to this we are including 7 sporting categories that can also be participated in at no additional cost (FREE SPORTS) namely, Amazing Race, Arm Wrestling, Beach Cricket, Bucket Brigade, Dragon Boats, Firehouse Cook Off and Tug-of-War. Any additional sporting categories entered into after the 3 original sporting categories and excluding the FREE Sports are subject to a AUD 20 charge per sporting category. There are various sporting categories that are generally more expensive to organise due to the nature of the event, which require a surcharge namely, Deep Sea Angling, 10 Pin Bowling, Golf, Paintball, Sailing and Shooting Events. The surcharge amount for these sporting events may vary and are listed on the website.

Example of a REGISTRATION – Participant registers for Cycling (any or all of the 4 events within cycling), Track and Field (any amount of the 19 events within T&F) and Swimming (any amount of the 15 events within swimming). These are all included in his original registration fee and considered to be 3 sporting categories. Any additional events added other than the 7 (FREE SPORTS) will now be charged at AUD $20 per sport.


Q. It would appear that I have to get dressed up in a suit to attend some of the night functions. Is this right?

A. Dress standards for the opening & closing dinners are smart casual however it is a great opportunity to get dressed up if you wish.

Q. What is the location of the Opening and Closing Dinners?

A function centre within Doltone House, which is a beautiful building right next to our Games Village.

Q. On nights when there is an official function on, which I will not be attending, will I still be able to attend the Games Village and socialise?

A. Even when official night functions are on, there will always be a bar and area for others to gather and socialise.

Q. On the Next Host Night, there is a charge to attend. This has not been past practice. What is the reason for this?

A. There is a $25 donation requested to attend the Next Host Night. All funds will be going to the Burns Unit. Please email to express your interest in attending. This will be a great opportunity to get closer to our target to donate to the Burns Unit at the Children's Hospital! Please pay your $25 on the night.

Q. Why is the Games Village at Darling Harbour?

A. Darling Harbour is the tourist centre of Sydney - a truly spectacular location for the Games Village.


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