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Event Suggestions

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Event Suggested Number of People Interested
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) 34
Wakeboarding 20
Judo 18
Can you please include the full firefighting gear stair race in the games? I competed in this event in New York at the WPFG in 2011, and it was a great success with a complete field and people on waiting lists to compete. Its a great challenge and extremely rewarding and I would really like to compete in this event in Sydney. 13
Wrestling 10
Hammer throw- Track and field 8
Cross Country with obstacles, eg tough bloke challenge/tough mudder type race 5
Field Hockey 5
Chess 5
SUP (Stand up paddle Surfing) 4
Multi sport or sea kayaking 3
soccer 7-a-side or 11-a-side for aged 50+ 3
Ice Hockey 3
A Crossfit workout 3
windsurfing 3
grimper de corde a la force des bras 10 m 2
Duathlon, to be run at same time as triathlon 2
Outdoor ROWING 2
Oz tag 1
Paper, Rock or Scissors - best of 3 1
rop clumbing 1
Rugby League 7's 1
Sailing - Adams 10 class 1
shooting, small bore or air rifle 1
Is there a walk race? If not I would like to suggest a 5000 metre walk race. 1
Mah Jongg 1
Mauy Thai (Thai Boxing) 1
8ball pool 1
nage en eau vive 1
SUP distance race 1
toughest competitor alive 1
Track Cycling 1
Equestrian - showjumping/eventing 1
Equestrian Events, eg horsearchery 1
Downwind Open Ocean surf ski race 1
Cheese Rolling 1
Awake endurance. Who can remain awake for the longest time. 1
Baseball 1
Can you please include 3000m/1500m steeplechase. 1
ciclismo de montaña 1
Cimbing 1
Competition Fire Brigade - as we do in Western Australia and Victoria 1
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