How to Register

How to Register

Web Entry

Eligible applicants, using a Visa or MasterCard may use the on-line registration, rather than complete a paper Sport Entry Form, and Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations Form and make credit card payments for the Sport Entry Fees. On-Line Registration will be available through the Games website. The on-line registration will be operational from 15 July 2011. Please note that the on-line registration can accommodate individual entries only - i.e. one person, one payment. If you want to register online go to (Register Online)  

WFG2012 Call Centre

Eligible applicants may use the WFG2012 Call Centre option as a means of entry into the Games. The WFG2012 Call Centre will run from 15 October 2011 up until 10 October 2012. The phone number for the centre is +61 7 5553 5301. If you want to register using the Call Centre go to (Register by Phone)

Further Information

For further information about the registration process, see the (General Rules)


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