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Thursday 25 October, 2012   Commencement 1800 hours   Games Village - Pyrmont Bay Park
Friday 26 October, 2012   Commencement 1800 hours   Games Village - Pyrmont Bay Park
Saturday 27 October, 2012   Commencement 1800 hours   Games Village - Pyrmont Bay Park
Category Gender Age
DOB13001 - 18 yrs & up (M) Male 18 - 100      
DOB23002 - 18 yrs & up (F) Female 18 - 100      
DOB33003 - 18 yrs & up (Unisex) Unisex 18 - 100      



For any further information, please contact Holly

Key Terms
¦Live ball: A ball thrown by any player which has not come into contact with the ground, walls or any other object. A thrown ball is still live if it touches another player.
¦Dead ball: A thrown ball becomes dead if it touches another ball, the floor, walls or any other object.
¦Catch: A successful catch is made when a live ball that has been thrown by the opposition is caught.
¦Out: A player is 'out' if they are hit by a live ball thrown by the opposition and do not catch it. A player is also 'out' if any member of the opposition catches a live ball thrown by that player.
¦Block: A player may hold a ball and use it to 'block' balls thrown by the opposition and will not be called out if another ball hits the ball that they are holding.

Sportsmanlike Conduct

All players will:
¦Understand and abide by the rules of the game and the honour system (detailed below),
¦Respect the judgement and integrity of officials and staff,
¦Respect their opponent and congratulate them courteously after every match,
¦Be responsible for their own actions and maintain self-control at all times,
¦Avoid deliberately aiming their throws at any other player's head,
¦Refrain from taunting or sledging their opponents, and
¦Refrain from using foul or abusive language.

Honour System

The game of dodgeball relies heavily on the honour system, i.e. self-regulation of the rules. Teams which repeatedly breach the honour system face expulsion from the league. For example (the following list is not exhaustive):
¦When a player is hit by a ball without the referee's knowledge they will call themselves out and leave the field of play immediately.
¦When a player is caught out by the opposition without the referee's knowledge they will call themselves out and leave the field of play immediately.
¦Eliminated players will themselves ensure that the first player eliminated is the first to return to the game in the event of a successful catch.

Sanctioning System

A sanctioning system is used to discipline players who display unsportsmanlike conduct, dishonesty or aggression. The system is structured as follows:


First Offence
Verbal Warning
Next offence results in dismissal

Second Offence
Yellow Card
Offending team forfeits the set in progress, offending player dismissed for 2 sets (team plays with 5)

Third Offence
Red Card
Offending player dismissed for remainder of the match (team plays with 5) plus further 1 match ban

Reportable Offences
Any of the following behaviour will result in player sanctioning according to the system above. Please note that the verbal warning applies to the entire team, not just the offending player. Any further offences by the team after a warning will result in a yellow card for the offending player(s).
¦Remaining on court after being called out
¦Dissent or abuse directed at the referee
¦Verbal/physical abuse, sledging or taunting directed at any other player
¦Kicking or punching dodgeballs
¦Throwing balls after being eliminated
¦Deliberately aiming at a player who is already out
¦Professional fouls: ¦Picking up/kicking balls to team-mates after being hit
¦Leaving the out box to pass balls to team-mates
¦Not walking behind all remaining players after being hit
¦Intentionally shielding remaining players after being hit
¦Holding or trapping balls in the out box
¦Addressing the referee during a set
¦Addressing the referee if not the team captain

Field of Play
¦The dodgeball court will consist of half an indoor netball court. There will be a centreline down the middle of the court, and four lines running parallel either side of the centreline.
¦The two dashed lines closest to the centreline form the 'No Contact Zone'. No player may place any part of his/her body below the waist in this zone during the opening rush. After the opening rush, players can run up to the centreline to throw.
¦The two solid lines either side of the centreline are the 'Attack Lines'. These must be crossed before the first throw is made.
¦There will be one rectangular 'bench' area in each half for eliminated players, as well as a smaller 'Next In' box for the first player eliminated to return to the court properly.

¦The official ball used in league play will be a 15cm diameter rubber-coated foam ball.
¦All players must wear closed shoes, no exceptions.
¦Participants must wear a top and shorts/pants without any sharp metal parts.
¦Sweatbands are recommended.
¦No jewellery of any kind may be worn during play. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

¦All games will be supervised by a trained referee; however rules are to be enforced primarily by the honour system (detailed above).
¦The referee's decision is final.
¦The referee may change possession of any number of balls at any time they decide is necessary.
¦The referee may warn players and issue a yellow or red card to any player or team displaying unsportsmanlike conduct according to the sanction system above.
¦Any form of abuse towards the referee by any player or spectator can warrant that person being removed from the venue immediately.
¦Only team captains shall approach the referee with questions. All inquiries must be made at the change of ends, NOT during play.

Game Rules
¦All players must sign a waiver every season before playing their first game. The waiver outlines the league's liability and sportsmanship policies. The will be available in hard copy at the centre. Any player that subs in, even for one game, must fill out a waiver prior to playing.
¦The aim of dodgeball is to eliminate the opposing players from the game by hitting them with a live ball, or by catching live balls that have been thrown by the opposition.
¦To start a game, each player must be touching their respective back net with at least one foot. Six dodgeballs are placed along the centreline. The referee will start the match by blowing a whistle, at which time players may rush to grab the balls.
¦All players must cross their Attack Line with both feet before making their first throw.
¦If a player catches a live ball thrown by the opposition, then the player who threw the ball is out. Additionally, an eliminated member of the catcher's team may return to the field of play.
¦Players returning to the game must do so in the same order in which they were eliminated.
¦When returning to the field of play, eliminated players must enter the court from the Next In box, at the end of the bench area.
¦Eliminated players must line up in order of elimination, with the first eliminated player standing in the Next In box.
¦When a player is 'out' they must raise their hand and leave the field of play immediately, without interfering with play in any way. Eliminated players must walk directly to the back net and pass BEHIND their team-mates. Shielding other players is a yellow card offence.
¦Any player intentionally throwing a ball at an opposition player whose hand is raised will be 'out' and will receive a yellow card.
¦Any player who places any part of their body in contact with the ground on their opponents' side of the court will be 'out'.
¦Players may pass the ball to team-mates.
¦Players may put the ball on the ground.
¦Players are not permitted to kick, punch or step on the ball.
¦Players must not lift or support their team-mates in catching, throwing, etc.
¦Eliminated players must not interfere with or touch any balls while 'out'. This is a yellow card offence
¦No team is allowed to have all 6 balls on their half of the court for more than 10 seconds. If a team has all the balls they must make a legitimate effort to get at least 1 of the balls across to the opponent's half. The first violation of this rule will result in a stoppage of play and distribution of 3 balls to each team. Play will continue with balls.

For any further information, please contact Holly

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