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Date       Venue
Thursday 25 October, 2012   Commencement 0900 hours   Games Village - Pyrmont Bay Park
Friday 26 October, 2012   Commencement 0900 hours   Games Village - Pyrmont Bay Park
Category Gender Age
HOS11001 - Singles - 18 yrs & Over (M) Male 18 - 100      
HOS22002 - Singles - 18 yrs & Over (F) Female 18 - 100      
HOS32003 - Doubles - 18 yrs & up (Unisex) Unisex 18 - 100      


Please note that competitors in this competition are required to register with the Host and receive their accreditation (ID card) by at least the day before the beginning of competition.

All the equipment will be provided by the headquarters and if necessary competitors can prepare their own.

Items not mentioned here will be referred to the regulatoins stipulated in the National Horseshoe Pitchers Assocation of America (NHPA) and WFG2012 headquarters. Other specific regulations such as disqualification or waiver will be notified by the operation committee on the day.

* Preliminaries: League by group (top 2 teams per one group go to finals)
* Finals: Tournament
* Group make-up will be formed by headquarters

* Innings: The game is divided into innings. Each inning consists of four (4) pitched shoes; two (2) by each contestant. A contestant will deliver both shoes within 30 seconds.

* Ringer: A ringer is a live shoe that comes to rest while encircling the stake

* Methods of scoring
- Cancellation scoring
- A shoe six (6) inches or closer to the stake is 'in count'

Closest shoe to the stake scores 1 point
Two shoes closer than opponents scores 3 points
Two ringers scores 6 points
One ringer and closest shoe of same player scores 4 points
Player having two ringers vs one for opponent scores 3 points
Each player has one ringer, the next closest shoe scores 1 point

DOUBLES SCORING: Partners points are added together
** NB. The method of competition is subject to change according to the number of participants
Player having two ringers vs one for opponent scores

* Competition is open to spouses
* If you do not have a doubles partner or team and would like to be placed on or with one, please answer NO TEAM when asked for Team Name or Captains name in the registration process after selecting the respective category.

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For more information, please contact Pierre
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